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The entire vehicle chassis and upper body can be quickly checked with Autorobot's 3D measuring systems. Mechanical and electronic measuring systems have unique features for speeding up the straightening work and ensuring the quality of repair work.

Autorobot Calipre is unique electronic measuring system in the world market. It measures both the chassis and the body reliably and quickly.

Autorobot EzCalipre3D is an advanced electronic measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition. The Autorobot 3D mechanical measuring system allows you to control the straightening and to achieve a good quality result quickly.

Autorobot's 3D measuring data service delivers specifications on both the vehicle's chassis and upper body. Autorobot's measuring team gathers these specs from undamaged vehicles fastened to our straightening benches, as in real-world repair operations. Sitemap F. Q Extranet. Autorobot Calipre Autorobot Calipre is unique electronic measuring system in the world market. Autorobot EzCalipre Autorobot EzCalipre3D is an advanced electronic measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition.

Need any help in choosing? Datasheet service Autorobot's 3D measuring data service delivers specifications on both the vehicle's chassis and upper body. Print page. Autorobot EzCalipre. Mechanical measuring system. Hand measuring tools. Capacities summary. Vehicle fastening and support.

Support and jig sets. Bodyshop tools and equipment. Grippers and straightening tools. Body shop fixtures. Multipurpose trolleys. Feedback Contact.From heavy duty to quick and flexible, we have the perfect bench for you. With Car-O-Liner you can ensure that your workshop has the best collision repair solutions on the market. The joining of car parts is an important part of the repair process and Car-O-Liner has all the tools you need to finish the job easily and accurately. Easy recalibration and testing solutions that validate the OEM specifications.

Improve the quality of your repair service, eliminating uncertainty. Your customers will immediately feel the professionalism and quality of your shop, the technicians and the work performed there.

X Contact us. Everything for joining and heating in collision damage repair The joining of car parts is an important part of the repair process and Car-O-Liner has all the tools you need to finish the job easily and accurately.

It is here that the public image of your workshop is formed. We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, we assume you agree to this.I-CAR has been emphasizing the importance of three-dimensional measuring since its founding inbut is it really required to repair a vehicle? After all, three-dimensional measuring systems are considerably more expensive compared to the much more affordable tape measure or tram gauge see Figure 1.

Recently, our friend Sam not his real name, but his story isfound himself having to get estimates for his collision damaged car. The first collision repair facility was chosen, and the vehicle was brought in for an estimate.

During the estimating process, Sam asked what type of three-dimensional measuring system the facility used. The estimator promptly replied "none. The car didn't look structurally damaged, I'm sure the estimator was wondering why Sam even cared. So, it was on to the next repair facility. While talking to the estimator, Sam inquired again, "What type of three-dimensional measuring do you use?

The next stop was the last repair facility scheduled to write an estimate. Sam watches the estimate being written and asks the question, but this time, the answer is different, "We have a computerized measuring system. The question is, why is it so important for Sam to have a shop that can perform three-dimensional measurements? The answer is simple. Three-dimensional measuring provides an accurate assessment of damage.

This allows collision repair technicians to document vehicle measurements before and after the straightening process, ensuring Sam that his vehicle was fixed properly. In Sam's case, it turned out that his vehicle's front rails were up 20 mm from specification. This wasn't found until the vehicle was placed on a three-dimensional measuring system for repair.

If a repair facility was using a tram gauge or tape measure during the repair, would this have been caught? The vehicle looked within specification, and there were no obvious panel gap misalignments or other visual indicators that provided the estimator with clues to the structural damage. Even in the best economic times, a three-dimensional measuring system is a substantial investment for one piece of equipment.

car measuring system

Is it worth it? Joe Blanton from Car-O-Liner was essentially asked this question. Is cost an issue to shop owners when deciding to make a purchase? Joe states that the value of time savings and increased productivity eventually offset the initial investment. Another reason to invest in a three-dimensional measuring system is the assurance that the vehicle has been restored to the proper specifications.You seem to have CSS turned off.

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Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. No, thanks.To request a demonstartion on the Matrix Wand please fill out the form below. What is FenderBolt? Click to learn about the Matrix Wand's repair analysis software and online training platform. The Matrix Wand uses a simple, straightforward process to assist collision professionals, automotive manufacturers and insurance providers in repairing vehicles to ensure the safety and functionality is restored as the OE intended following a collision.

In Byall vehicles manufactured in the United States will be required to have automatic braking systems. See how the Wand helps this shop standardize their repair process to improve efficiency. See how this Montana collision repair shop is fulfilling their vision of changing the industry. Learn how the Matrix Wand compares to the Tram Gauge when measuring underhood damage. Learn about how a shop in Arizona is using the Matrix Wand to change how they do business.

Learn how you can easily measure and diagnose complex problems with predictive wheel alignment. Learn how to measure side body damage, getting it right the first time and eliminating the hassle.

Learn how you can use the Matrix Wand to measure sensor and bracket location to make sure they are properly aligned. In this example, the strut is damaged Learn how to use predictive alignment to be sure. The Matrix Wand takes the mystery out of the repair and helps you measure parts before you install them.

Located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, APC Auto Body has set out to create a different kind of auto body shop: one where the customer is treated like family and our facility, team and technology is always improving and looking towards the future.

When your vehicle has been involved in a collision, you want someone who is reliable — someone you can trust to repair your vehicle quickly and properly. Sewell Certified Collision Center ensures the best service by using original manufacturer parts whenever possible, and by using only the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.

Our expert technicians go through extensive factory training and meet ASE-certification standards, which means they have the knowledge to do the job right the first time. From the very start, we are on your side. We will complete an estimate of the damages that have occurred to your vehicle and explain to you the entire repair process. We will also provide you with an estimated time frame for the completion of your vehicle's repair.

Total Auto Body LLC takes customer service to new heights with focused solutions for all of your auto body repair concerns. Our 1 goal is to go beyond mere auto repair; we strive to eliminate all inconveniences associated with the accident, so you can get on with your life. The Wand allows us to judge pull times accurately and know if the vehicle will need a full setup and measure before repairs are started, thus eliminating supplements. It's more than a car; it's how you keep your life moving.

When your vehicle needs to be repaired, trust CARSTAR to keep you informed throughout the process, provide excellent customer service, deliver your vehicle on-time and get you back on the road with the highest quality repair. European Motor Car Works, Inc.Home Page. Special Offers. Special Promotion. Paint Curing Lamps. Spectratherm SD. Spectratek UV Lamps. UV Lamp Spectratek Spectratek UV Lamp.

car measuring system

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Polyvance UltraCut 40 Plasma Cutter. Aluminum Pulse Mig Welder. Mig Welders. Aluminum Auto Body Repair Equipment. Welder Parts.A portable emissions measurement system PEMS is a vehicle emissions testing device that is small and light enough to be carried inside or moved with a motor vehicle that is being driven during testing, rather than on the stationary rollers of a dynamometer that only simulates real-world driving.

Early examples of mobile vehicle emissions equipment were developed and marketed in the early s by Warren Spring Laboratory UK during the early s, which was used to measure on-road emissions as part of the UK Environment Research Program. These early field devices used engine data from either an on-board diagnostics OBD port, or directly from an engine sensor array. The first unit was developed for, and sold to - Dr. Other governmental groups and universities soon followed, and quickly began to use the equipment due to its balance of accuracy, low cost, light weight, and availability.

This push led to a new standard known as CFR 40 Part Further, these governing bodies have begun adopting in-use testing program for non-road diesel enginesas well as other types of internal combustion engines, and are requiring the use of PEMS testing. It is important to delineate the various classifications of the latest 'transferable' emissions testing equipment from-time PEMS equipment, in order to best understand the desire of portability in field-testing of emissions.

Because a PEMS unit is able to be carried easily by one person from jobsite to jobsite, and can be used without the requirement of 'team lifting', the required emissions testing projects are economically viable. Simply put, more testing can be done more quickly, by less workers, dramatically increasing the amount of testing done in a certain time period.

car measuring system

This in turn, significantly reduces the 'cost per test', yet at the same time increases the overall accuracy required in a 'real-world' environment. Nearly all modern engines, when tested new and according to the accepted testing protocols in a laboratory, produce relatively low emissions well within the set standards.

As all individual engines of the same series are supposed to be identical, only one or several engines of each series get tested.

The tests have shown that:. These findings are consistent with published literature, and with the data from a myriad of subsequent studies. They are more applicable to spark-ignition engines and considerably less to diesels, but with the regulation-driven advances in diesel engine technology comparable to the advances in spark-ignition engines since the s it can be expected that these findings are likely to be applicable to the new generation diesel engines.

Sincemultiple entities have used PEMS data to measured in-use, on-road emissions on hundreds of diesel engines installed in school buses, transit buses, delivery trucks, plow trucks, over-the-road trucks, pickups, vans, forklifts, excavators, generators, loaders, compressors, locomotives, passenger ferries, and other on-road, off-road and non-road applications.


All the previously listed findings were demonstrated; in addition, it was noticed that extended idling of engines can have a significant impact on the emissions during subsequent operation.

Also, PEMS testing identified several engine "anomalies"where fuel-specific NOx emissions were two to three times higher than expected during some modes of operation, suggesting deliberate alterations of the engine control unit ECU settings.

Such data set can be readily used for developing emissions inventories, as well as to evaluate various improvements in engines, fuels, exhaust after-treatment and other areas. Data collected on "conventional"fleets then serves as "baseline"data to which various improvements are compared. This data set can also be examined for compliance with not-to-exceed NTE and in-use emissions standardswhich are 'US-based' emission standards that require on-road testing.

It is often difficult for PEMS to offer the same accuracy and variety of species measured as is possible with top of the line laboratory instrumentation because PEMS are typically limited in size, weight and power consumption. For this reason, objections were raised [ by whom? But there is also the potential for inaccuracy in fleet emissions deduced from laboratory measurements.

It is expected [19] that a variety of on-board systems will be designed, ranging from bread-box sized [20] [21] PEMS to instrumented trailers towed behind the tested truck. PEMS need to be safe enough to use on public roads. During testing, portable emissions systems could attach extensions of the tailpipe, add lines and cables outside the vehicle, carry lead-acid batteries in the passenger compartment, have hot components accessible to bystanders, block emergency exits, or interfe with the driver, or have loose components that could be caught in moving parts.

Modifications to or disassembly of the tested vehicle such as drilling into the exhaust, removing intake air system need to be examined for their acceptance by both fleet managers and drivers, especially on passenger-carrying vehicles. The test equipment can not draw excessive electrical load from the test vehicle.

Instead, sealed lead-acid batteries, fuel cells and generators have been used as external power sources, though they may add other hazards during driving.

The more time and expertise installation of the equipment requires, the greater the cost of testing, limiting the number of vehicles that can be tested.

More testing is also possible with equipment that is versatile enough to be used on more than one type of vehicle. The weight and size of the equipment and consumables like calibration gases might limit moving to a sufficient number locations.

Any restrictions on transport of hazardous materials i. Flame ionization detector FID fuel or calibration gases need to be taken into the account.

The ability of the test crew to repair PEMS in the field using locally available resources can also be essential. Ultimately, it should be demonstrated to show that a PEMS is suitable to the desired application.