Alternator wiring gm cs130

Wiring Help Please! I purchased a CS alternator from ebay, and a bracket from roadlessgear. How do I wire the 4 pin connector into the samurai harness? Does anyone know the part number for a pigtail that will plug into this alternator -- to be used for connecting to my harness? Any help would be greatly appreciated -- I searched but no one has mentioned how to wire this particular GM alternator -- thanks.

alternator wiring gm cs130

I found a "service" manual" of sorts at www. I have, and I've found the info on what each little terminal connector does, but I need to know how to find the plastic plug that plugs in and connects to this alternator -- so that I can connect the requisite wires to get this thing running properly.

So, I was wondering if anyone else has used this alternator or an alternator with a 4 wire plug-in connection plus the connection for the battery cable. Most auto parts stores carry the pigtail. Common item. Yep -- I just took my alternator to the parts store today and found one that will work fine.

I didn't realize that parts stores actually carried random little electrical parts like this. Ok -- wait -- I need more help. The connector only has three wires for the four wire connection -- they are labelled: "S" "I" "L" "P" -- The place for the "P" wire has no wire coming out of the pigtail.

The "S" wire is red and appears to be 12 gauge wire: according to the wiring schematic: "The use of the "P", "F", and "S" terminals is optional. The "P" terminal is connected to the stator, and may be connected externally to a tachometer or other device. The "F" terminal is connected internally to field positive, and may be used as a fault indicator.

The "S" terminal may be connected externally to a voltage, such as battery voltage, to sense the voltage to be controlled. In this circuit, both the "L" and "I" terminals serve to turn on the regulator and allow field current to flow when the switch is closed. Both are illustrated. Quote from: aaronbev79 on Saturday, Jul 19,PM. Aaron, I have the same problem HELP someone. Hi, there have been several threads on hooking up a CS lately.

Kermit, Thanks, that helps alot. Off hand. Quote from: walkerskyranch on Thursday, Feb 25,PM. Kermit If I am not using the idiot light in the dash, how should I wire it? Quote from: walkerskyranch on Friday, Feb 26,PM. Found my list of Part Numbers! The advantage of connecting the S sense wire directly to the alternator output is that it measures the output voltage directly, and eliminates a bunch of old, problematic Samurai wiring.

If this OEM wiring is the least bit faulty, the alternator output will fluctuate and could easily overcharge the battery. But, you must have the heavy gauge 6 or larger new charge wire going directly to the battery in any case. Without it, you will surely blow the OEM fusible link, sooner or later. A large heavy charging wire helps to minimize this effect.Main Page. Click on thumbnail to see larger picture. The CS weighs less, is smaller in diameter but uses the same 6. There is also a amp, CS version if you need more output because you're running large amounts of electrical equipment in your vehicle such as high-powered stereos.

NOTE: This conversion is designed for cars with internally regulated alternators. If your car has an externally regulated alternator you will need to convert it first.

Use this diagram and go to Alex Bilan's Alternator Conversion webpage for more information on converting to an internally regulated alternator.

You will need amp CS alternator from and late's GM truck or full size car with mounting ears that are deg apart photo 3.

How to wire the internally Regulated GM Delco-Remy Alternator

I got mine from the local PepBoys and it didn't take too long to find one with the correct mounting ears. Most will probably come with a pulley for a serpentine belt like mine did so you will have to change over your pulley if you are still using a V-belt. The flange for the tensioning bolt and the alternator bracket are tapped for metric bolts so you will need to get two 8mm bolts with a thread pitch of 1.

A 13mm wrench will be needed to tighten the bolts. The alternator bracket will also need to be modified and you will need approx two washers to take up the space between the alternator bracket and the alternator.

Photo 11 shows the modifications needed to allow the bracket to fit the CS alternator. The red line shows the original shape of the bracket and how much needs to be ground away. Most of the connectors for the CS alternators are four wire but will only use two of them and the wiring is the same as the SI. One is a CS connector to plug into the alternator, the other is a female connector to accept the SI plug from your original harness.

DIY How to make weedeater 12V generator New project Alternator. Amazing Life Hacks

There are two different types of conversion adapters. One is a non-resistor and the other has some resistance built-in it. The "L" wire that energizes the alternator needs some resistance 35 ohms or more in it otherwise it will cause the alternator to fail.

If you have a warning light in the dash then that bulb serves as the needed resistance and you should use the non-resistor adapter.

If you don't have that bulb or have less than 35 ohms resistance in the "L" wire then you will need the adapter with resistance built in. If the "L" wire has more than ohms then there is a problem with that wire and it will need to be fixed.Searching for details about 1 Wire Alternator Wiring Diagram?

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Alternator Instructions

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alternator wiring gm cs130

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Tags: 1 wire alternator wiring diagram chrysler 1 wire alternator wiring diagram delco 1 wire alternator wiring diagram ford 1 wire alternator wiring diagram gm 1 wire alternator wiring diagram. Toggle navigation. Gravely K Wiring Diagram.Why go through the trouble?

alternator wiring gm cs130

Well, the GM SI alternators are easier to get and have higher outputs. SI is short for Systems Integrated which means the regulator is inside the alternator case. The CS alternators are even better! If the one wire alternator is for cleaning out wires, you only need to retain the BAT wire.

The 1 and 2 terminal wires can be eliminated. Don't be surprised to find that the Field wire only goes a short way into the harness and spliced into the BAT wire. The 1 wire regulator comes with a dust plug for the 1 and 2 terminals. AC Delco wiring package for those 6 to 12 volt conversions for wiring up a 10SI. This contains the terminal connector AND an extra resistance wire pigtail to connect to the ignition system don't use a ballast resistor if you use a resistance wire.

Also available is an ammeter package The AC Delco is used if you have a lamp on the dash and the has a load resistor for use with no lamp.

Delco type CS130 and CS130D Series Alternators. Used on Chevy and GM Vehicles from 1986 to 2004.

The CS weighs less, is smaller in diameter but uses the same 6. There is also a amp, CS version if you need more output because you're running large amounts of electrical equipment in your vehicle such as high-powered stereos. The amp version size is close to typical SI alternator. So you can use the original brackets. In other words, at idle, the CS is putting out, where as the SI is just spinning.

The amp CS alternator can be found on late's GM truck or full size car with mounting ears that are deg apart. Most will come with a serpentine belt pulley so you will have to change over your pulley if you are still using a V-belt.

Most of the connectors for the CS alternators are four wire but will only use two of them and the wiring is the same as the SI.GM has many different alternators and each has its own alternator wiring diagram and alternator symptoms. One of the key differences is how the internal voltage regulator determines charge rate.

Both of these alternators generators can be wired differently depending on their application. The whole purpose is to check voltage away from the alternator itself. The reason is pretty simple; it wants to know if the charging voltage is reaching the fuse box. To regulate how much power it generates, it varies the on versus off time of each cycle.

In this setup, the regulator always reads internal voltage to determine charging rate. They include wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins. In most cases, their diagrams are right from the factory manuals.

Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations.

However, Alldatadiy. If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy. Click here to download PDF. Find this article useful? Share it! Categories Alternator Generator. Tags alternator is good alternator light is on battery is dead car won't start how to check alternator is battery bad.Our Alternators are also covered by our 12 month limited warranty.

Sold outright, so you don't have to mess with a core or core charge. The alternators listed below are placed according to the years they were used with the most recent versions at the top of the page.

None of the parts are interchangeable. You must visually check to see which unit you have if your vehicle is within the transition years. Please provide vehicle year, make, model, engine, etc. If you forget, don't worry, we will call or e-mail for the application information before we ship the product. This alternator was a completedeparture from the SI format.

Electrical demands had increased as well as weight concerns. At up to amps in about 12 pounds, it was a real powerhouse. Unfortunately, with the new design came someunforeseen problems. With the "Iceberg" alternator we've worked to overcome the shortcomings ofthis model alternator. Note: Please provide vehicle year, make, model, engine etc. Here we show the CS alternator left next to a version of the CS right that will fit directly in place of your existing alternator on many GM vehicles.

We have different versions and mounting configurations for other year, model and engine GM vehicles. All rights reserved. Trade marks and trade names used for reference purpose only. Alternators By. Search Pages: Find.

alternator wiring gm cs130

Search Pages: Search. Toggle navigation Main Menu. Used on Chevy and GM Vehicles from to Easy Ordering Improvements over the CS Alternator include: More open design for better air flow Larger bearings Dual Internal Fans to increase air volume Regulator and Rectifier located on the outside, away from stator and rotor heat.

The "Iceberg" CS improvements include: Improved Rectifier for the higher amps The Patented "Iceberg" Finned rear housing to better remove heat from the rectifier and rear bearing area 10 mm wide rear bearing OEM uses only an 8 mm bearing Metal internal rear fan Copper heat transfer compound between the rectifier heat sink and housing for better heat transfer and electrical contact. Upgrade to the larger CS series alternator. The CS produces more power at idle and is much more reliable.

Site Map Privacy Policy. Delco type CS series, amp, self exciting one-wire internal voltage regulator alternator with finned "Iceberg" rear housing for better cooling and longer life. Self exciting alternators only require the main battery wire to the back of the alternator to work. They do not require an ignition activation wire like standard alternators.If you keep picking the winner, you will continue to get more free bets. There are a few terms and conditions for this one, so have a look to see if you can qualify.

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